“Thanks for checking out my website, and welcome.

I write poetry and books to give my imagination a chance to breath and, I hope, for my readers to enjoy.”

– Mark Kloss

The Poet

He sprinkled the page with wonder and joy

Of stories in rhyme when just a boy

Times he played with his favourite toy 

 And ran through the fields with his best friend, Roy.


When the sun was high and he felt free

To jump the stream and climb the tree

With flowers seducing the bumble bee

Laughing as he fell and grazed a knee.


He smiled remembering the jumping frog

And how he got stuck in the smelly bog

Then running like mad from the grunting hog

With Patch, his crazy, spinning dog.


Now the poet is sixty not ten

He couldnt do now what he did then

Flying through life like an excited hen

But with his words he does it all again.

– Mark Kloss